Monday, June 29, 2009

A Quiet Weekend

Before leaving Teslin, we stopped at the Tlingit Native American/George Johnston Museum. My sister, Judy, had recommended it and I totally agree that it is worthwhile. The Alaska-Canada Highway passes through the homeland of the Tlingit (pronounced Klingit) Indians. The photographer, George Johnston, was a camera-owning, picture-taking Klingit, who documented the lifestyle of these people before, during and after building the highway. His photographs form the basis of the museum. The only fly in the ointment was the customary swipe at the abrasive way the “invading” “occupying forces” (US troops) dealt with the Klingit – destroying hunting grounds and disturbing sacred burial sites. I commented to Brenda that if it had been Japanese soldiers invading North America (as was one Japanese plan), the Klingit would not have to complain – there would be no Klingit! If in doubt, ask the Chinese in Nan King. Regardless, it was a good museum visit. We left Teslin in light rain.
The drive to Whitehorse was otherwise uneventful. A few kilometers south of Whitehorse we stopped at the Fireweed RV Service Center. Even though it was Saturday afternoon, they fixed my water heater. We camped at High Country RV park in Whitehorse. This is a huge park with 130 spaces for RV rigs. They were full by 4PM! On the roads we have recently been traveling, fully 40% of the vehicles are campers. Damn tourists!
Sunday morning we awoke to a temperature of 37°; but sunshine, which quickly warmed things up. The four of us went to Sunday Services at the Anglican Church here in Whitehorse. After the service, Bob and Sallie stayed to talk and drink coffee. Brenda and I left to go sightseeing, but stopped by the Canadian Tire store to pick up a few things. Well, that dragged on for a couple of hours. Canadian Tire stores are a blend of Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Sears. We didn't buy much, but enjoyed seeing the different merchandise. Many, if not most, of the brand names were familiar, but the actual products were often quite different from anything we have seen in the States. Next door was a real Wal-Mart, so we finally went there to get vitamin B1 for mosquito repellent. By the time we did all that, it was raining and had gotten noticeably colder. We returned to the 5th wheel and did cleaning chores. I cooked a potted dish of venison, onions, peppers and potatoes. We added side dishes of sweet corn and marinated salad, topped off with a desert of ice cream, bananas and stewed cherries. Delicious!
We split from Bob and Sallie in the morning. Our trek takes us further North to Dawson City, home of Robert Service. Bob will have to tell you about where they go in his next report. We'll meet up with them again on 5 July.

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