Friday, May 22, 2009

Back on Schedule

Guest House is wired. Done with that project until September.
The 5th wheel is cleaned and ready to load. We have added wire shelves and various storage devices to try to make storing and retrieving stuff easier. I gave up on building a basement fishing rod holder -- too crowded under there already.
My truck tool box got cleaned, tools sorted and cleaned, and a bunch of stuff added. All in all, steady progress...and we should be ready to leave as scheduled without undue stress.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

...learning curve is long.

I "Geo-tagged" the two images in today's post, but the tag didn't make it from my 'puter to the blog. Just for laughs, if you enter the following co-ordinates into Google Earth, you will bring up the location where the photos were taken. I intend to tag all the photos I post here, but may have to link to a web site repository. I'll keep working on it.

Co-ordinates: N31 50.38 W91 26.178

Guest House "dried-in" for the summer

Viewed from the South: The brick patio was the floor of the old gun room.

The image below also is from the South, but it shows the East wall of the Guest House -- this was the opening into the garage.

The interior will have to wait until we return in September. Only minor plumbing and the final electrical work are lacking from being "user friendly" right now. [My electrician became a GrandPa again, and is out of town trying to control GrandMa...Hahaha.]

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slow but steady progress...

The Guest House is on hold until we return in September. It is relatively clean, the tools are cleaned and stacked on shelves, and the lumber is on a trailer under the shed and protected from weather. Still no electricity.

We have a very important trip to Dauphin Island coming up this weekend. Then, at the first of the week, we'll bring the 5th wheel up to the driveway and begin the final packing. All those lists will come into play.

BTW, my pneumonia is mostly resolved, but I tire easily.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Unexpected (unwelcome) delay

Well, I didn't keep to an "every Wednesday" schedule for even one cycle. Last weekend I became progressively ill with malaise, fever and productive cough. Having been reading up on Swine Flu, I assumed I was being psychosomatic. By Sunday, with two degrees of fever and large quantities of thick, brown sputum, I changed my diagnosis to bronco-pneumonia. On Monday, my private physician saw me in his office and, likewise, confirmed that diagnosis. Now, after four days of Ceftin and lots of rest, I am better. Amazingly, I have managed to get a few things prepared, in spite of the illness.

The ceiling is installed in the Guest House kitchen. The shower lacks only installation of the faucet to be completed. It is, otherwise, ready to cleanse bodies. Mr. Harper has been contacted to come complete the electrical wiring. Jimmy is a personal friend, and several years ago I asked him to come check out why a circuit breaker was popping. He discovered a dead short I had wired in as I put in a shop receptacle. He made me promise to always call him to do wiring. I'm not even supposed to take the cover plate off a wall switch! Hence, he will come finish up what he has already started.

Being unable to do more physical and manly things like building walls, I have been polishing lists. You know: kitchen items to take, camera items to sort and take, medical supplies to take, etc. The medical supplies are more than half ready. I'm taking enough surgical instruments to repair trauma, but not enough to get into trouble by starting something. My old black bag has long since gone missing, so I'll have to find a replacement.

All in all, we aren't much further along the road that last posting. However, I am sure we'll do better next week.