Friday, May 8, 2009

Unexpected (unwelcome) delay

Well, I didn't keep to an "every Wednesday" schedule for even one cycle. Last weekend I became progressively ill with malaise, fever and productive cough. Having been reading up on Swine Flu, I assumed I was being psychosomatic. By Sunday, with two degrees of fever and large quantities of thick, brown sputum, I changed my diagnosis to bronco-pneumonia. On Monday, my private physician saw me in his office and, likewise, confirmed that diagnosis. Now, after four days of Ceftin and lots of rest, I am better. Amazingly, I have managed to get a few things prepared, in spite of the illness.

The ceiling is installed in the Guest House kitchen. The shower lacks only installation of the faucet to be completed. It is, otherwise, ready to cleanse bodies. Mr. Harper has been contacted to come complete the electrical wiring. Jimmy is a personal friend, and several years ago I asked him to come check out why a circuit breaker was popping. He discovered a dead short I had wired in as I put in a shop receptacle. He made me promise to always call him to do wiring. I'm not even supposed to take the cover plate off a wall switch! Hence, he will come finish up what he has already started.

Being unable to do more physical and manly things like building walls, I have been polishing lists. You know: kitchen items to take, camera items to sort and take, medical supplies to take, etc. The medical supplies are more than half ready. I'm taking enough surgical instruments to repair trauma, but not enough to get into trouble by starting something. My old black bag has long since gone missing, so I'll have to find a replacement.

All in all, we aren't much further along the road that last posting. However, I am sure we'll do better next week.

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