Friday, June 12, 2009

"...without undue stress..."

Well, we are indeed Alaska-bound. In fact, we are more than 700 miles from home. However, prior to our departure, we had to make a couple of trips to Jackson, Mississippi, to check on our grandson, Hiser, who was (and still is) in the Pediatric ICU at the University Medical Center. The short version is: spontaneous septic arthritis of the right hip and infection of the right anterior thigh muscles. He has been in an MRI scanner once and to the OR twice. I am grateful to report, he is improving and should make a full recovery. If it were otherwise, we would not have left!

Bob and Sallie Cooper were also delayed in their departure -- although in not nearly as dramatic a fashion as Brenda and I. We joined up Thursday morning and are caravaning together. Friday afternoon, we made it to our scheduled rendezvous with Maggie Young, M.D. and her husband. Maggie is a long-time friend of Sallie's and their annual get-together is important to both of them.

North Texas, where we are camped, is hot. The wind is blowing, so the heat is tolerable. There are some folks here that would disagree with that comment about tolerable. With the delayed departure and the relative urgency of arriving on time to meet Maggie, we have put in two rather grueling days. Bob assures me that we will slow down the pace from here on...I'll let you know. Furthermore, I have not taken a single photograph. Brenda has taken a few, but she hasn't shared them with me, yet.

Now that we are underway, and now that the travel pace is promised to be more vacation-like, I hope to take some pictures and smell some roses. Meanwhile, y'all pray for Hiser's continued recovery.

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