Monday, June 22, 2009

"Border Incident" and more...

I have a couple comments on the “Border Incident”. First, I can’t believe “bear spray” is such a big deal in Canada. These guys were like the Gestapo! They really didn’t care whether LA Wildlife and Fisheries used pepper spray for bears or not. Thank God Jim realized you couldn’t reason with these people. He handled the situation as rationally as possible and got us out of there.
I don’t have the words to describe the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but I will try. To me, it was like driving through a forest of Christmas trees with the huge, snow-capped, bigger-than-life mountains in the background (not in the distance, but right there). As you were driving along, you might see a cascade of water rushing off the mountain into a beautiful blue-green stream. It was awesome!
This morning at our campsite in Banff, we were eating breakfast and looked out the window to see mule deer. Jim also saw elk at that same campground. And, we saw our first black bear between Jasper and McBride.

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