Monday, June 15, 2009

Buffalo Bill and Cabela's

First, grandson Hiser continues to improve. He sat in his Momma's lap today -- the first time in 8 days!

We have now traveled about 1,200 miles. I'll try to be specific about mileage next time I write. Since my last note, we stayed at an RV park in Liberal, Kansas, that hosts pheasant and quail hunting every November. Brenda and I are already planning on a pre-Thanksgiving trip. The city is somehow related to the Wizard of Oz story, 'cause they have "Dorothy's House" as a city attraction. Well, we didn't have any tornados, but we were treated to a huge downpour complete with hail. Fortunately, we had no damage.

North Platte, Nebraska, was our next stop. North Platte's most famous citizen was William Cody, aka Buffalo Bill. His home is a state historical site, complete with adjoining campground. We went to bed under threat of rain, hail and possible tornadoes, but only had a light rain. The tour of the house and horse barn the next morning was well worth the time spent. In all, I guess we were there for more than two hours. On display were several firearms. One in particular was a double-barrelled rifle! No mention of the unique arm was made in the notations within the display case. I doubt if the rarity of the London-made piece is known to the curators. We left Buffalo Bill's place about noon and headed West to Sidney, Nebraska, from where I am writing.

Sidney is the home of the very first Cabela's retail store. In honor of that, Brenda and I felt obliged to spend some money. Her retirement gift card from Cabela's has also been retired. Oh, we had another rain storm with some small hail. Dinner was Nebraska-raised beef, provided from Sallie's freezer.

Our traveling pace has slowed down to a more comfortable tempo. We are entering parts of the country neither Brenda nor I have ever seen. That means we will have to stop more often to see it better. Bob and Sallie are wonderful tour guides, although Sallie was a bit more enthusiastic when we were in Texas.

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