Friday, July 10, 2009

Heading to upper Kenai...

It is almost 10AM on Friday 10 July. My blog posts are still tied to Central Time, which is three hours later than here in Alaska. We are going to move up the Kenai and do some dry camping. For those who don't know, dry camping is being totally self-contained. We'll have no electricity, no water, and no computer/Internet. So, it will be several days before we can report again. Current plans are to move on back to Anchorage by Sunday evening, where we'll again have a WiFi connection. Of course, it is a WiFi hot spot in a Starbucks coffee house. Don't you feel sorry for us?

Yesterday we "did" Homer. We toured a Nature Trail on property formerly owned by Carl Wynn (as in Wynn automobile fuel additives). The guide was extremely knowledgeable about every one of the nearly countless variety of plants. The walk was pleasant, but my brain got tired! I took a lot of photos of plants and just hope I can put names to them. We spent the afternoon in the Pratt Museum. Although the entire museaum was very enjoyable and informative, the highlights were two remore video cameras. Brenda and I sat for more than a hour watching brown bears catching, and feeding on, salmon in the McNeil River more than 200 miles from here. The Wildlife employee in the Museum had full control of the camera. She could pan the scene -- at one point, there were ten bears in view -- zoom in or out, and easily follow the activities of individual bears. This was live action; not recorded images. Fascinating! In the marine biology section, there was a similar camera set up on Gull Island. Here I was able to take the camera controls. We saw rafts of Murres, that we previously had only seen flying. I singled out a Tufted Puffin, too. That orange bill really stood out among the Kittiwakes.

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