Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finally at Homer, AK

July 5 – Happy Birthday, Sallie! We had a birthday dinner for Sallie. I prepared Woodcock served with egg noodles, which Bob dubbed “Cock-a-Noodle”. Nada brought a wonderful cake and ice cream. Then, we sat around a campfire and swapped stories.

Brenda and I left Seward the following morning (the 6th). After a harrowing drive to Whittier, we stopped and inquired about the ferry service to Bellingham, Washington state. I really, really wanted to avoid going through Canadian customs again. Sadly, we simply can't afford the ferry. Total cost would be about $6,000! The “harrowing drive” was because you have to go through a 2.5 mile long, single-lane tunnel in a mountain. No, you can't see the light at the other end of the tunnel. So, after driving through that damn tunnel again (did I mention that I have claustrophobia?) we drove on back up to Anchorage and Elmendorf AFB.

The FamCamp at Elmendorf is very pleasant with shaded RV sites (electricity and water), clean showers, and a nearby BX and commissary. There are several lakes for fishing on the base. On the 7th, we bought fishing licenses, re-stocked the pantry and Brenda did laundry. We scouted the base lakes, including Six Mile Lake, which afforded us a peek at a couple of loons and a baby.

Up early the next morning, we went to Fish Lake to make use of our new licenses. I caught two small rainbows – not enough for supper. Fish Lake is about an acre in size. It sits in the center of a muskeg bottom between hills all around. We were the only ones fishing...very quiet and serene. The muskeg is interesting stuff. If you walk on it and stand in one place, the initial feeling of stability fades with the realization that you are slowly sinking. Take another step and all is well until you pause for a few seconds; then, the sinking begins anew. Someplace, lurking in the back of your mind, is this feeling that the next step just might not be as firm as the others, and the sinking might start immediately. We pretty much stayed on the log and board walkways. Chloe, on the other hand, seemed well supported by the bog and she ran all over the place. No rangers showed up to chastise us for an unleashed dog, nor did any bears snatch her away, either.

About noon, after returning to the Elmendorf campsite, Brenda said she felt it was time for us to move. We packed up and drove to Homer. On the way into town, we passed by the new Episcopal Church and stopped to visit with the priest. Bob and Sallie had arrived about 3PM. We visited and toured the new church, then checked into the Ocean View RV Park. Brenda's Sixth Sense was working overtime today, because we then drove down to the “spit” and found Judy and Jack. They plan to leave Homer in the morning, beginning their trip back to Tennessee. We won't be seeing them again until sometime during the Louisiana hunting season. While on the spit, we saw eagles, Murres (a new bird for us), and sea otters.

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