Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

My sister and brother-in-law (Judy and Jack Robinson) left Tennessee right after Memorial Day and headed to Alaska. When Brenda and I left Tok, we drove to Palmer, AK, and met up with Judy and Jack. We've had two days to compare travel notes, to reminisce about old times, and to break bread together. They leave in the morning, headed toward the Kenai; we're going to Seward to meet up with Bob and Sallie and their friends, the Torgersons.

Today we watched an immature eagle (bald or golden, too immature to tell) sitting in a tree beyond the back fence of the campground. Last night – yes, night: 1AM – Brenda and I were out driving, looking for animals. We saw Bullwinkle, for sure. Huge head gear! Easily seen with the available light, but too dark to photograph.
On the other hand, we did take some photographs from the top of Hatcher Pass.
Note that this photograph was taken just before midnight.

In addition, earlier on the 3rd, I got pictures of a cow and calf moose.

The 4th was quiet. No fireworks, because of forest fire hazard.
We are just resting and feeling very blessed.

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