Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, after we picked up "Doc" in Colorado, we felt an even stronger urge to get home. The weather cooperated by being "uncooperative". It rained and stormed on us for nearly the entire trip east from Colorado. We were not tempted to stop and do any sightseeing. On Tuesday, the weather and Dallas traffic kept us on the road far longer than we had planned, but the plus side was that we made it HOME Wednesday afternoon. Within 10 minutes of disconnecting the 5th wheel, Brenda was on her way to visit her parents.

The trip was awesome, but Toto (aka Chloe), agrees that there is no place like home.

We put 12,809 miles on the odometer. In addition, we had the ferry ride from Haines, AK, to Prince Rupert, BC, CA, which accounts for even more miles.

We are tired, but what an experience!


  1. Humm...There and Back Again....a little Bilbo Baggins me thinks ;-)